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If you’re keen to start baking some delicious pies but you’re not sure where to start, look no further than our Ultimate Pie Guide. This guide contains all the tips and tricks you’ll need to gain the confidence to create your own recipes at home.

By giving you a fundamental understanding of what makes a great pie, the next time you have leftover roast or stew you’ll be able to turn them into a truly delicious pie your family and friends will love.

From pie and pastry types, to fillings, pie dishes and decoration ideas, we’ll have you baking like a pro in no time!

Lucy Tweed

Having a roll of Carême pastry in the freezer is a guaranteed shortcut to success for me. Whether I’m mixing some sausage meat with some grated veg and leftover cheese and rolling it in puff, slapping a top of shortcrust on a bowl of ragu, stew or soup, or haphazardly tipping a combination of fresh & frozen fruit onto a tray of shortcrust, I pretty much know I can relax, have a drink with my guests and the results will be artisan and unbelievably divine. Lucy Tweed @everynightoftheweek