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Six Reasons to Use Spelt Pastry For Catering

When catering for a small or large occasion, you are always on the lookout for new and interesting menu options that are easy to prepare and appeal to current and emerging food trends.

Spelt is an ancient grain that has gained popularity in recent times, due to its nutrient rich properties which cater to the growing trend towards healthier eating and specialised diets. For those starting out on their pastry cooking journey, the easy-to-handle and robust characteristics of wholemeal Spelt Pastry are generous and forgiving; for the more experienced hand it’s the flour’s delicate nutty flavour that complements an array of fillings and invites new baking adventures.

Ready rolled Spelt Pastry is easy to work with and here are six reasons to add it to your next menu.

    1. The healthy alternative
      Spelt is by nature a whole-food, a grain that has high levels of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and that is both easy to digest and low in gluten. Whole grains are also naturally low in saturated fat and contain beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids. Using wholemeal Spelt Pastry enables you to simply update your menu with interesting new pastry items packed with health benefits to appeal to the health-conscious customer.
    2. Deliciously nutty
      Spelt has a lovely, nutty flavour which can be used to enhance a dish or can be married with strong flavours to help create a unique taste. This deliciously nutty flavour will help you create stand-out dishes on your menu.
    3. Light but robust
      The real excitement with spelt is in its ability to make a light, highly nutritious pastry with that appealing nutty flavour. The protein in spelt is such that when the flour is turned into pastry it bakes well and results in a very light, soft textured pastry that is also very robust and not crumbly. This amazingly light and easy to bake pastry is ideally suited for catering and to hearty handheld creations such as meat, vegetarian and fruit pies and sausage rolls as well as tarts and quiches classic finger foods where traditional pastry can sometimes be too flaky or messy for customers.
    4. A simple switch – new and interesting menu
      By tapping into the current health trend, wholemeal Spelt Pastry can be a simple switch within your existing menu or can help create an exciting new option to keep your menu fresh and on trend.
    5. Healthy indulgence
      If you can combine health and taste you are onto a winner. Wholemeal Spelt Pastry helps chefs provide health-conscious eaters with the option to enjoy a natural and nutritious product, without depriving themselves of the occasional indulgent pie, tart and quiche treats.
    6. Vegetarian catering
      Wholegrain foods are particularly important in vegetarian diets as a source of iron and zinc, with wholemeal Spelt Pastry you now have another option to cater to this specific dietary requirement with a revived ingredient from the past.

For more information about wholemeal Spelt Pastry and for recipe ideas, see Carême Pastry.

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