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School Holiday Baking

Being the Mother of two small children who like to help in the kitchen I often look for baking ideas they can get involved with and will enjoy eating. With school holidays coming up these will not only keep them occupied but they’ll love eating them! Plus I’ll love sitting down with a cup of tea in the afternoon with one!

Call them what you will Bear Claws or Apple Turnovers, or as we decided ‘Gruffalo Claws’, for those of you familiar with the Gruffalo books you will know what we mean. We kept the filling simple, apple, butter and sugar but you could easily add or try other fruit, think blackberries or mulberries for an addition or change the apple to pear, let the kids get creative.

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_export-2

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-10

Careme_Blog_Apple Bear Claws_Step by Step_20150617-11

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