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Peach Puff Pastry Tart

A little seasonal love is needed…

One of our Carême teamsters, Marie (photo below), is also a fruit grower and stall holder at the Barossa Farmers Market, so we are blessed at this time of year with boxes of beautiful sweet juicy peaches and nectarines regularly arriving at the back door.

Before writing this blog the ‘frozen berries from China’ scare exploded in the media.  While we are extremely lucky to live in a region where fresh, seasonal, often organic and local produce is readily available through our Farmers Market and our wonderful local Foodland. It did serve to remind me how important it is to identify the source of our food and really appreciate what is in season when it’s in season.

A customer at our local Farmers Market once commented to me that they were so bored of eggplant; it had been available at the market for a number of weeks as that was what was in season.  It’s easy to forget about seasonality with the huge variety on offer at the supermarket.  My response was to explore the world of the eggplant, there are a huge number of dishes that it can be used for, at this time of year eggplant features on our dinner table maybe twice a week.

It’s about changing a mindset that we have developed over years of having everything available all of the time.  Look at the art of preserving; it was and still is a way of making the season’s bounty last beyond the harvest. As for frozen berries the only ones in my freezer are those from our local Farmers Market that I stock up on and freeze when in season.

So, now is the time to make the most of those beautiful and locally grown peaches, we don’t like to do anything too fancy, a simple galette style tart is just perfect to show them off.  This tart is enhanced with a little frangipane under the fruit, easy to make, you’ll whip it up in 5 minutes!

Try and use free stone peaches, if not available simply cut the cheeks from the peaches and then slice into pieces.

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