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Pastry Is Our Love Language!

Whilst we have never been into going big on Valentine’s Day, we do 100% buy into the romance of good food, fuelled by exceptional pastry. Our love affair with pastry started early with the chanting of schoolyard rhymes in the playground with the prized long skipping rope ‘Apple pie, apple tart, tell me the name of your sweetheart.’ We knew it back then, and we know today that the way to our hearts is through our stomachs!

So, let’s talk about our love affair with the Apple Tart, get comfortable as we deconstruct this wonderful dish and all of its scrumptious glory. But, before we get too carried away with all the buttery details let’s throw in a twist, because let’s face it, in recipe development, as in life, we all love a delicious twist. Our tart is an upside-down one, how fun!

Head over heels

Starting from the bottom (…or is that top, let’s call it bottomtop or BT for short?!) and our favourite ingredient in every dish, the pastry. Headlining this luscious love song is our All Butter Puff. The name truly does speak for itself. We are all in on the butter when making this pastry, which assists with impressive lift and a sumptuous mouth feel. All Butter Puff pastry is our timeless classic, our number one (don’t tell the others), pure class, always rising, and one for all the generations. The best thing, no no, make that the sixth best thing about our pastry, (behind Australian-owned, made in the beautiful Barossa Valley, from all-natural quality ingredients, did we mention the butter, the taste, and the lift??!!), is it’s already made!! Our fabulous team has done all the heavy lifting in the pastry department so all that is left to do is create. Back to the tart and its tempting tasty topping, and onto the apples.

Main recipe: Upside Down Apple & Cinnamon Tart

The apple of your eye

Granny Smith Apples, apple perfection for a tart or a pie. We like to imagine Granny Smith as a lovely lady who surrounds herself with loved ones and spends her time baking whilst listening to Édith Piaf, painting abstract portraits, and enjoying the odd negroni. She’s sweet, but not too sweet with a quick wit, and sharp as a tack! But we digress. Our Apple Tart is topped with slices of apple, a little sugar, and Granny’s perfect match, cinnamon! Less ingredients, makes us love it even more.

Service please!

When it comes to serving up this wonder, we love the theatre of the upside-down tart. Make sure your guests are watching as you seduce them with your culinary prowess inverting the tart onto the plate. So impressive! And for next level romance, serve this tart as a share plate. One plate, two spoons, a generous scoop or three of your favourite ice cream, and a whole lotta love! Hubba hubba!

Make it, bake it, and share it!

From recess in the playground with the long skipping rope, to our big people pants today, the mention of pies and tarts has our tastebuds dancing and hearts singing. At Carême HQ, pastry is our sweetheart and the act of baking is an extension of our love.

We hope you enjoy our Upside Down Apple & Cinnamon Tart as much as we do. Make it, bake it, and share it with someone you love.

Carême Pastry Team x 

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