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Make Ahead for Christmas

Be prepared for impromptu Christmas drinks or feeding the hungry masses when family arrive from far and wide.

Don’t wait until the week before Christmas to start your baking preparations, there is so much you can do early and freeze.

Ring a friend, always much more fun to prep with someone else over a cuppa.

Sausage Rolls – still the perfect party food

Prepare party sized sausage rolls and freeze unbaked.

Freeze first on a tray (1 – 2 hours) then transfer to a snap lock bag & name.

This saves on space and they won’t stick together if frozen flat to start.

Bake from frozen, add 5 minutes to the cooking time, don’t forget to brush with beaten egg before baking.

Smoked Salmon Sausage Rolls
Pork & Apple Sausage Rolls
Chicken & Feta Sausage Rolls
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Sausage Rolls

Cheese Straws

Again prepare and freeze un-baked flat on a tray.

Once frozen transfer to a snap lock bag

Freezing on a tray may seem fiddly but once you have everything transferred to a snap lock bag will save space in the freezer and everything is easily identifiable.

Bake from frozen.

Cheddar Cheese Straws

Mini Tarts / Large Tarts

Whatever shape or size having a pre-cooked tart shell ready to go in the freezer can be a lifesaver.

Use disposable foil tins, that way you can store them in the foils in the freezer, handy if making lots and helps to prevent breakages! Foil tins also handy for dishes you are making and taking somewhere.

Tarts can be frozen baked or un-baked. If necessary Bake Blind first (that means pre-cook the shell before adding filling) and freeze already baked.

If working a couple of days ahead pre-bake a tart, cool, and wrap in clingwrap and store in the fridge until ready to use, leave in shell.

Mince Pies

Use disposable foil tins.

Line foils, fill with fruit mince, top with a star or lid and freeze un-baked.

Bake from frozen as and when you need a quick hot stash of golden mince pies.

Large Fruit Mince Tart

Fruit Mince Tartlets

Fruit Mince Palmiers

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