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Keep your Menu Fresh and On-Trend with Spelt Pastry

There is no doubt that more and more consumers are looking for healthier food ideas every year. The recent Modern Food Trends Report states that 85.7% of Australians are currently looking to follow a healthy diet. So why are some caterers, restaurants and cafes not following these trends? It could be that they do not want to overhaul their menu but it turns out there is an easier way.

Mintel’s 6 Key Trends Impacting Global Food and Drinks report suggests that consumers are not looking for entirely new healthier foods but rather modernised updates of age old flavours and formulations. The report states that “People are seeking the safety of products that are recognisable rather than revolutionary. The trust in the familiar emphasises the opportunity for manufacturers to look to the past as a dependable source of inspiration such as ‘ancient’ product claims including ancient grains and ancient recipes, practices and traditions.”

Spelt Pastry provides the perfect opportunity for caterers, restaurants and cafes to update their old classics with a modern, healthy twist.

Using Spelt Pastry as a substitute for normal pastry can lead to a new, healthy spin on traditional dishes, such as pies and sausage rolls. This makes it easier for a menu to be kept fresh and exciting. Spelt Wholemeal Butter Puff Pastry is a wholesome and healthy option that is easy to handle, has a melt in your mouth texture and is less crumbly than traditional pastry, which makes it ideal for pies and sausage rolls.

Using Spelt Pastry does not compromise on taste either. Spelt Pastry has a delicate nutty flavour that complements an array of fillings and applications, meaning that your customers may not even notice a change in taste, and even if they do, they will love it even more. If you are a food service professional looking to update your menu and you would like a complimentary sample of a product in our Spelt Pastry range, please click here.

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