Indoor Picnic - Beef Empanadas

Indoor Picnic – Beef Empanadas

In a recent instagram post from Alexx Stuart she threw down a sheet in her living room and created a dinner picnic for her family… I loved the idea (especially as we have little ones). Friday night is our wind down night, dinner is often something simple in front of a movie and we love these nights. Of course you could keep it really low key and nip out for a takeaway but sometimes it’s nice to do something a little extra that really doesn’t take much longer than driving down the road for takeaway.

Pop a cheese platter together, a selection of nibbles and lastly something hand held and warm. These little beef empanadas are perfect; essentially we are talking a beef pasty here. We always have some sort of fruit chutney lurking in the back of the pantry to serve alongside. So what are you waiting for, find a sheet or blanket and take to the lounge for a Friday night indoor picnic.

Beef Empanada Recipe

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