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Good Quality Pastry Makes Cents

“Good quality pastry doesn’t cost you more, it makes you more money.” This was the catch phrase used by Carême head chef William Wood at a recent Two Providores trade show. Visitors at this trade show had the perception that high quality pastry was expensive and not worth using on menus across the country. However, a simple comparison can put some perspective on the actual truth of the cost of pastry.

dinner roll costs approximately 35 cents for roughly 35 grams and most cafes and restaurants around the country still give these complimentary to each guest. A single serve of French Style Butter Puff Pastry will cost 63 cents. You can then add other ingredients to this to create a delicious dish that can be sold for $10 and keep your customers longing for more. I know what I would rather serve at my restaurant.

Poor quality pastry also needs two to three sheets to be used to get the lift required for the dish. This means that you must then triple what you thought you were going to be paying for pastry. Good quality Australian made butter pastry can give you the required lift with just one sheet. Careme’s All Butter Puff Pastry can provide up to 7cm of lift from a single sheet. Suddenly, the cost difference between poor and good quality pastry is in favour of the good quality pastry. You are better off buying the better-quality pastry, as not only is it the same price per dish but it will taste great and lead to customers telling their friends about the great pastry dish they had the other night.

The Yield Converter from Carême can help you discover the cost per serve for their whole Professional Pastry Range. Chefs who attended the trade show saw great value in being able to see exactly how much good quality pastry will cost per serve. So, for your winter menu planning consider stepping up the value you provide to your customers and your business’ bottom line. For more information on costings of the Carême Professional Pastry Range, download the Carême Pastry Yield Converter

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