Christmas Feasting - Carême Pastry

Christmas Feasting

I like to plan ahead when it comes to the Christmas menu. Having grown up in England my thoughts often turn to game or pork (not big turkey fans here), but in an effort to create a dish that works with the seasonal heat, and at the same time special enough to create that wow factor I often think of fish. This led me to a recipe we created a few years ago for a series of Christmas cooking classes – Salmon En Croute.

The term ‘En Croute’ is a bit of a fancy French sounding name that seems to have stepped straight out of the dinner party dining scene, era 1970’s! Well slip on your kaftan and re-think this classic, with some modern day tweaks this delicious concept steps into the spotlight and makes a great Christmas table centerpiece.

We livened this dish up with the addition of salsa agressto (a variation on pesto with a few additions) and crème fraiche spiked with little capers. All the components can be prepped in advance, even the day before giving you more time to relax in that beautiful kaftan avec a glass of champy!

Salmon en croute recipe

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