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Carême Pasty Launches World’s First Spelt Pastry

Barossa Valley based Carême Pastry have announced the recent addition of wholemeal Spelt Pasty to its range of handcrafted artisan pastry. The world’s first-ever range of pastries made from ancient and wholesome spelt flours that, with their unique protein characteristics, are packed with healthy benefits while offering a light and flaky dough that satisfies the soul as much as it does the appetite.

Carême Spelt Wholemeal puff and shortcrust are the ideal pastries for just about every baking dish…and for everyone from the novice to the seasoned pro.

For those starting out on their pastry cooking journey, the easy-to-handle and robust characteristics are generous and forgiving; for the more experienced hand it’s the flour’s delicate nutty flavour that complements an array of fillings and invites new baking adventures.

Beyond the significant health benefits derived from an abundance of protein, fats and crude fibre not found to the same degree in modern wheats, the high in vitamin B17 spelt also delivers a stronger dough that doesn’t crumble as easily as that made from white flour.

“That doesn’t mean it’s heavy, though, as our spelt pastries are made with the same precision and technical expertise found in our traditional and French-influenced Carême range, where lightness and flakiness are paramount” said Claire Wood owner and Managing Director.

While not quite filled with the air and lift of classic puff pastry, the spelt puff pastry is ideally suited to hearty handheld creations such as meat, vegetarian and fruit pies and sausage rolls, with the shortcrust pastry perfect for tarts and quiche recipes.

For the more ‘technically-minded’ the bran in the wholemeal flour acts like thousands of tiny little knives that shear the dough, penetrate the pastry’s membrane and leave natural little imperfections that break the integrity of the layers and result in a less puffy puff.

“Sometimes a little less lift is not a bad thing, as I’m sure you will discover with the melt-in-the-mouth sensation you get from these products” said William Wood Owner and creative talent / chef baker.

Carême Pastry was founded in 2005, with an aim to provide home cooks and chefs with a range of handcrafted artisan pastry, made using traditional methods from natural ingredients – free from additives, preservatives and colourings. They understand for some, making pastry can be a challenge and often too time-consuming, so they produced a range of pastry that offers food creators all the benefits of homemade pastry, with the added convenience of ready made pastry that doesn’t compromise on taste.

The addition of the wholemeal Spelt Pasty to its range enables chef and caterers to also tap into the growing trend toward ‘Healthy, clean eating”.

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