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Blueberry Tarts

Blueberry Tarts little morsel of love…

If you are looking for a little morsel of something decadent to serve on Valentines Day these are just the ticket. In the heat of summer you need something relatively simple that doesn’t require you slaving over a hot stove to treat your loved one.

This is a great recipe to file in your repertoire of ‘I need a simple dessert that will impress the pants off people’! I’ve made these at various times of the year with different toppings, you can use any of the berry fruits during the warmer months, then in winter try it with cooked apple finished with a little crumble or roasted rhubarb.

Invest in some little tart shells, we use an 8cm fluted shell. You can make nearly all of this the day before. Store pre-baked shells in a sealed container. We have included a recipe for the pastry cream using a Thermomix as well as the traditional stove top method. The pastry cream can be made the day before and stored in the fridge, then on the day mix a little crème fraiche throught the pastry cream, fill tarts and top with berries – easy!

View the Recipe for Blueberry Tarts

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