About Carême Pastry

Carême was founded in 2005 to supply an artisan range of high-quality, preservative-free butter pastry products to home cooks, chefs and the food service industry. Our premium pastry is made using traditional methods with all-natural ingredients that create an unparalleled flavour, texture and lift.

Australian owned and made in the Barossa Valley, South Australia

100% Australian owned and made, Carême Pastry is regarded as the leading producer of premium pastry in Australia.

Since 2005, we have been supplying home cooks, chefs & food service professionals with a range of high-quality butter pastry products.

The production of pastry at Carême combines artistry with science. Our teams’ technical expertise, experience and skillset, combined with quality all-natural ingredients, delivers ready-to-use pastry that is superior in taste, lift and texture.

If you haven’t done so before, we invite you to try our products and experience the Carême difference.

Carême Pastry, folding butter in to pastry

Our Difference

Carême is a family-run business based in Tanunda, within the picturesque Barossa Valley, South Australia. We are proudly Australian made and owned.

Butter tastes better

Carême’s preferred fat has always been butter. Sourced from New Zealand, butter gives our pastry an impressive lift, a flaky texture and a superior mouthfeel and taste.

More lift from one sheet

Our market leading butter puff pastry creates an impressive 9cm lift from a single sheet. This means you use less product to get a great result, saving you money without compromising on quality and flavour.

Easy to use

With Carême pastry ready-to-use sheets and rolls, you can save money on labour and time in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality of your dishes.

Made to exacting standards

Carême combines artistry with science in the production of our pastry doughs. Our team’s technical expertise, experience and artisan skillset ensures a consistently superior product in every batch of dough.

Quality, all-natural ingredients

Carême uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in our pastry doughs. We don’t use any stabilisers, relaxants or additives that are commonly used in mass pastry production.

High food appeal

Carême makes cooking easy for the home cook to experienced chefs. We do the hard work for you by creating an exceptional ready-to-use pastry that frees up your time to focus on creating amazing dishes for your guests.

William and Claire Wood
Lucy Tweed

Having a roll of Carême pastry in the freezer is a guaranteed shortcut to success for me. Whether I’m mixing some sausage meat with some grated veg and leftover cheese and rolling it in puff, slapping a top of shortcrust on a bowl of ragu, stew or soup, or haphazardly tipping a combination of fresh & frozen fruit onto a tray of shortcrust, I pretty much know I can relax, have a drink with my guests and the results will be artisan and unbelievably divine. Lucy Tweed @everynightoftheweek